Slang expressions #13

pénz – money
peták – money (slang)
pelyva – money (slang)
fitying – money (slang)
suska – money (slang)
zsozsó – money (slang)
della – money (slang)
steksz; stex – money (slang)
ruppó – money (slang)
mani – money (slang)
lovetta – money (slang)
lóvé – money (slang)

1) liquor (also as lő – in some dialects)
2) money (slang)

zsé – money (slang)
1) chip; token (used instead of coins in casinos, subways, etc.)
2) money (slang)

1) tobacco
2) money (slang)

bankjegy – banknote
bankó – money (slang)
készpénz – cash
kápé – cash; money (slang)
kes; kess – cash; money (slang)

kenyérre való – money (slang)
[Literally::: for bread]


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