Hungarian proverbs #32

Akinek nem inge, ne vegye magára.
[ˈɑkinɛk nɛm inge ne veɟe mɑgaːrɑ]
To whom the shirt does not belong, should not wear it.
If the cap fits, wear it.
If the thing(s) I have said do not concern you, then, please, do not respond.
akinek [ˈɑkinɛk] – whom; dative singular of ‘aki’
aki [ˈɑki] – that; who
az, aki… – that, who…; he/she, who…
ing [ˈing] – shirt
venni [ˈvenːi]
1) to buy
2) to take
önmaga [ˈønmɑgɑ] – himself; herself
maga [ˈmɑgɑ] – you (formal, singular)
magára [ˈmɑgaːrɑ]
1) onto you (formal, singular)
2) onto himself/herself; to himself/herself (also as ‘önmagára’)

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