ingatlan – real/immovable estate; property
[Literally::: something immovable]

ingóság – personalty; personal estate/property
1) (something, that is) wobbling; pendulous; wobbly
2) personalty; personal estate/property


1) shirt
2) swings; wobbles (also as ‘inog’)

inga – pendulum
ingani – to swing; to wobble
ingás – wobble; oscillation
ingatni – (transitive) to sway; to swing; to rock

ingadozni – to swing; to wobble
ingadozás – wobble; oscillation; wobbling
ingadózás – wobble; oscillation; wobbling

ingázni – to commute (to regularly travel)
ingázó – commuter (a person who regularly travels to work)
ingázás – commuting (travel between home and workplace)


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