tepertő – pork rind; pork crackling/scratchings
töpörtyű – pork rind; pork crackling/scratchings (dialectical)
tepertyű – pork rind; pork crackling/scratchings (dialectical)

“One of Hungary’s favorite – but least healthy – appetizer/snacks, Tepertő is made by deep-frying pork, goose or duck skin. It is often sold “loose” by retailers from large bins, and unlike cracklings in other countries can be slightly “wet” at the center.” ~ chew.hu

libatepertő – goose crackling
kacsatepertő – duck crackling

háj – fat
zsír – fat
bőr – skin; leather

Check out a recipe, how can you make tepertő at home.

disznó – pig
sertés – hog; swine; pig
malac – pig; piglet
kandisznó; kan – male pig
koca – sow (female pig)

liba – goose
lúd – goose
gúnár – gander (male goose)

kacsa – duck
gácsér – drake (male duck)


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