You’ve got to love Hungarian! :D #30

“Az igazi gáz, hogy az igazi gazig az igaz igáz.”

~ Saiid (poet/MC/slammer from the hip-hop duo Akkezdet Phiai)

Translation from Saiid:::
And what really sucks is that until real deep shit, you’ll be the subject of truth.

(quoted sentence at 2:33 – 100 Thousand poets for Change – Slam Poetry contest 2011)


1) real; authentic
2) right; very; true

1) true
2) truth (also as ‘igazság’)
3) That’s right! (as ‘Igaz!’)

igázni; leigázni – to subjugate; to subdue; to conquer
igázni – to “use the yoke”
iga – yoke

1) weed (not marijuana)
2) nefarious; rascally; scoundrelly
3) rogue; rascal; villain (also as ‘gazember’)

1) gas
2) It sucks. (as ‘Ez gáz.’)
3) awkward; embarrassing
[e.g.: That was akward! – Ez gáz volt.]
[e.g.: Gáz vagy! – You are embarrassing.]


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