végkiárusítás – shop closing down sale; sell-out


kiárusítás – sell-out; sale; bargain sale; clearance
(selling a lot of products for a good price, but the shop is not closing)

árusítás – mongering; sale;
árusítani – to vend; to sale
árulni – to vend/sale something; to travel in something
áru – goods; merchandise; product
1) price
2) flood or high tide
3) awl (tool)
4) are (unit of measurement, 100 m²)

° °

árengedmény – discount; reduction; price-cutting
engedmény – allowance; rebate; concession
engedni – to allow
engedély – permission; license; permit

árfolyam – (finance) exchange rate; rate
1) big river
2) course (in expressions meaning in the course of)
[e.g.: A nap folyamán. – During the day.]

folyni – to flow
folyik – it flows; it is flowing

1) action
2) activity
3) sale; low prices

aukció – auction
árverés – auction
1) to beat; to bang; to throb
2) to mill
3) (coins) to mint; to strike
4) to pant; to palpitate

leárazás – sale; fall in prices
áremelés – rise in prices
emelni – to lift
emel – he/she/it lifts

áruház – department store

női divatáru – ladies’ wear
férfi divatáru – men’s wear

..sometimes ‘áru’ is written and/or pronounced as árú, so are the words with it.


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