Hungarian jokes #4


– I brought the heating bill, auntie Rózsika.
– Put the weed into my pocket, my little Béla, and throw the bill the fuck out.


fűtésszámlát – heating bill (accousative)
fűt és számlát – weed and bill (accousative)

fűtésszámla – heating bill
fűtés – heating
1) to heat (to increase the temperature of a space)
2) gramatically wrong accusative of ‘fű’ (correct is::: füvet)

1) bill; check
2) account

hozni – to bring
néni – auntie; old lady
csúsztat – to (slowly) slither/slide/slip (something)
csúszik – to slide; to slither; to crawl
zseb – pocket
kidobni – to throw out
picsa – pussy; vagina (vulgar)


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