..it is easy to make and tastes awesome 🙂

bundáskenyér [ˈbundaːʃkɛɲeːr]
[Literally::: bread with fur]

bundás’ (slang)

1) fur (the hairy coat of a mammal)
2) fur coat (the coat made out of fur); pelisse
3) bribe (slang)

kenyér – bread




at least 2 eggs
2-3 slices of bread
Sunflower oil

1) Break the eggs and stir them in one plate, as if you were about to make an omelette.
2) Put sunflower oil in a sauce pan and start heating it.
3) Take a slice of bread and put in the plate with the omelette-want-to-be-eggs. Let it soak up a second and then repeat with the other side.
4) Put the slice of bread in the preheated oil and fry it. Repeat it with the other side. Keep it there for a while. Take a plate or pot and put a napkin in it. When the bread gets that nice yellow-brown color you can see on the photos, place it into that plate or pot with the napkin, so that the napkin can soak up the oil.
5) Now you have your first slice of bundáskenyér. Sprinkle with salt and eat until the slice is warm. You can pour some ketchup on it, or dunk/sop the bundás’ into ketchup a bit.


Good appetite! / Jó étvágyat! 🙂




  1. Ketchup? Urgh. I think bundaskenyer is best served with sour cream mixed with some garlic. Of course it’s also matter of taste…

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