Slang expressions #15

Óhaj-sóhaj? [ˈoːhɑj ʃoːhɑj]

Translation::: Desire, sigh?
Meaning::: Would you like something?

– Csajok, megyek a boltba. Valakinek valami óhaj-sóhaj?
– Girls, I’m going to the shop. Anybody wants anything (from there)?


óhaj – desire; wish; pleasure
óhajt – he/she desires
óhajtani – to desire; to wish; to want; to hope; to covet
óhajtás – desiring; wishing

sóhaj – sigh; sough; groan
sóhajt – he/she sighs
sóhajtani – to sigh; to sough; to groan; to heave/fetch a sigh
sóhajtás – sighing; soughing; grouning

° °

Sóhajok hídja. – Bridge of Sighs.


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