Hungarian proverbs #33

Nem esik le a karikagyűrű az ujjáról.
[ˈnem ɛʃik le ɑ kɑrikɑɟyːryː ɑz ujːaːroːl]
The wedding ring will not fall down from his/her finger.
If the particular person has to do some (physical) work (s)he wouldn’t need to be doing, because (s)he is either rich or has some higher education, but (s)he still decides to do it.
For example, if an engineer has to work as a cleaning man/lady, (s)he will do it, because (s)he needs the money. Or if a rich person has to change a punctured tyre on his/her car, (s)he will do it, and will not call the car service to send someone there that will replace the tyre.
..the proverb is sometimes used with ‘aranygyűrű’, sometimes only with ‘gyűrű’.
leesik [ˈleɛʃik] – he/she/it falls down
karikagyűrű [ˈkɑrikɑɟyːryː] – wedding ring
aranygyűrű [ˈɑrɑɲɟyːryː] – golden ring
arany [ˈɑrɑɲ] – gold; golden
gyűrű [ˈɟyːryː] – ring
ujj [ˈujː] – finger
új [ˈuːj] – new

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