polgárpukkasztás [ˈpolgaːrpukːɑstaːʃ]
[Literally::: citizen popping]

Polgárpukkasztás is a phrase used to express the act/behaviour of certain people, who do what they do just to stand up against the common expected behaviour, against the unwritten rules of society. It is some kind of rebellion.
For example, the poet Ady Endre used to go to the restaurant of the wealthy people, where ordinary people or poets could not afford to go to, and he placed an order with loud voice, so that the rich could hear the ordinary poet ordering food, then he sat down and ate the food with good appetite, after that gave some extra money to the waiter and left.
Other good example for polgárpukkasztás is, that Ady Endre used to go out in the public with his girlfriend, though his girlfriend was married with some other man. Back in those times that was not really acceptable either, but they did it. 🙂


polgárpukkasztó‘ is the adjective.

polgár – citizen
pukkaszt – makes to pop/explode
pukkad; pukkan – pops; explodes
pukk – pop; the sound of a pop

borravalót ad – he/she gives extra money to the waiter/waitress
borravaló – tip; extra money you give to the waiter/waitress
[Literally::: for (the) wine]

bor – wine


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