cserekereskedelem – exchange and barter

‘Cserekereskedelem’ is that type of trade, where you do not pay for the product you get, but you give an other product or service in return for it. Like me, as a graphic designer helped somebody with some little graphical thing and they gave me a bottle of good wine in return. 🙂 😀


cserébe (valamiért) – in exchange for; in return for (something)
csere – exchange; swap; barter; truck
cserél – he/she trades/exchanges/trucks
cserélni (valamit valamiért) – to trade/exchange/truck (something for something)

kereskedelem – trade; commerce; commercialism
kereskedik – he/she trades
kereskedni – to trade (to engage in trade)
kereskedő – merchant
1) (finance) trade; trading
2) shop; store
[e.g.: Kisállatkereskedés. – Pet trade/shop.]

° °

keres – he/she looks for/seeks/earns
1) to look for; to seek
2) to earn
[e.g.: Sok pénzt keres. – He earns a lot of money.]
[e.g.: Sehol sem találom, bár már mindenütt kerestem. – I cannot find it anywhere, though I looked for it everywhere.]

° ° °

..btw cserekereskedelem is an eszperente word 🙂


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