You’ve got to love Hungarian! :D #34

[ˈfɑheːj] – cinnamon
[Literally::: tree bark]


fahéjfa [ˈfɑheːjfɑ] – cinnamon tree
[Literally::: tree bark tree]

° °

fa [as a noun]
1) wood (material beneath the bark of the trunk or branches of a tree)
2) tree
3) lumber
4) timber

fa [ˈfɑ] – wooden [as an adjective]

héj [ˈheːj]
1) shell (egg, nut)
2) skin (apple, onion, potato)
3) peel (orange, lemon)
4) rind (melon)
5) crust (bread)
6) bark (tree)
7) lid (eye)

héja [ˈheːjɑ]
1) hawk
2) the shell/skin/peel/rind/crust/bark/lid of a particular thing


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