Hungarian vs. Mongolian #1

barna [ˈbɑrnɑ] – бор [ˈbor] – brown
kék [ˈkeːk] – хөх [ˈkhøkh] – blue
sárga [ˈʃaːrɡɑ] – шаргa; шар [ˈʃaːrɡɑ; ˈʃar] – yellow
szürke [ˈsyrkɛ] – саарал [ˈsaːral] – grey


One comment

  1. the huns are from tartare (Kiptchaks Turks) and mongol tribes… real turks are tartares and mongols! (turkey, is a turkomen state, turkomen is from Persian such as “turk-menend” meaning that is “similary to the Turks” turk is also an adjectif and it is not a tribe name. it was given by Chinese Dynasty to the Hun warriors meaning that is “powerful”

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