Hungarian proverbs #34

Arra mérget vehetsz.Translation:::
You can take (a) poison to that. – Вы можете принять яд на то.

I promise you that. | You can be sure about that.
Вы можете быть уверены в том. | Вы можете дать голову на отсечение.

The expression goes back to the middle ages, when the church used to work as a court too and in some cases the person accused of some guilts had to drink poison (or eat bread with poison) in order to prove their innocence. If they died after taking the posion, then God was not on their side, because they were guilty. If they survived, they were innocent. 🙂

Btw, if we are not sure in a thing, but we talk about it, we sometimes do it using the phrase “Nem vennék rá mérget. (I would not take poison to it.).” For example:::

– I have heard that Peter cheated on his wife, but I would not take poison to it. It may be just a gossip.


Btw the phrase “arra mérget vehetsz” works the same way as when you swear something to somebody’s life. You are absolutely sure that you are right, and you want to place emphasis on it, make the particular thing, which is the truth, more believable.

° °

az – that – то
1) onto that – на то
2) that way; in that direction (also as ‘arrafelé’) – там
3) in that area (also as ‘arrafelé’) – там; в том области

méreg – poison; venom; toxin (also as ‘méreganyag’) – яд

1) to buy – покупать
2) to take – брать

veszel – you buy; you take (singular) – берёшь
vehetsz – you can buy; you can take (singular) – можеш брать/покупать
vehetek – I can buy; I can take – могу брать/покупать
veszek – I buy; I take – беру
vesz – he/she buys; he/she takes – берёт


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