Hungarian grammar #5

Hungarian is an agglutinative language. Agglutination permits formation of new words from nouns, verbs, adjectives and modifiers and other suffix components. Check out some examples:::

sör – beer
sörözni – to drink beer
sörözés – beer-drinking
sörözgetés – beer-drinking once in a while
1) beer-drinking (person)
2) buttery; brasserie

fénykép – photograph
fényképezni – to take a photo
fényképezés – photographing
fényképezgetés – photographing from time-to-time
1) something that has a built-in photocamera
[e.g.: fényképezős mobiltelefon – mobile phone with photo camera]
2) the person who use to take photos
fényképész – photographer
fényképészet – photography (concept; notion; idea; firm)
1) photo camera (also as ‘fényképezőgép’) [slang]
2) the person who takes/is taking photos
3) photographic

levél – letter
levelezni – to correspond; to regularly send letters
levelezés – correspondence
1) correspondent
2) correspondence course (as ‘levelező tanfolyam’)

vonat – train
1) to travel by train from place to place
2) to conga line dance
1) traveling by train from place to place
2) conga-line-dancing
1) the person who travels by train (a lot)
2) conga-line dancer

számítógép – computer
számítógépezni – to play games/work on the computer; to use the computer
számítógépezés – playing games/working on the computer
számítógépező – the person who works/plays/is playing games on the computer


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