Hungarian vs. Mongolian #4

sárga nap – шар нар – yellow sun
sárga [ʃˈaːrɡɑ] – шар [ʃˈar] – yellow
nap [nˈɑp] – нар [nˈɑr] – sun

szél [sˈeːl] – салхи [sˈalkhi] – wind
tenger [tˈɛnɡɛr] – тэнгис [tˈɛnɡis] – sea
ég [ˈeːɡ] – тэнгэр [tˈɛnɡɛr] – sky


(Hungarian – Mongolian – English)



  1. Acutally – Yellow – Sharga (in hungarian) is also in Mongolia the same. Mongolian word for Yellow is Shar. You got it right. But you got it also wrong. Because Sharga in Mongolian is also Yellow color. But we only use it for Yellowish colored Horses. Especially for sun, we sometimes would say Shargal (Sharga + L) to announce its brightness. Colors in Mongolian is next to nothing to express in English. English words for colors are dull, few. Mongolians would have lively depictions of words for colors. So no wonder why we would use Shar, Sharga, Shargal and else all at the same time to enrich our speaking.

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