forgatókönyvírás – screenwriting
forgatókönyvíró – screenwriter; scenarist
forgatókönyv – screenplay; scenario; script


1) shooting of a film
2) rotation [in mathematics]
3) twirl

1) to shoot (a film)
2) to rotate
3) to twirl; to turn over; to make something spin

forgató – the person or object that shoots/rotates/twirls something
forog – (intransitive) to revolve; to rotate; to spin (continuously)
1) turning; revolving; rotating; whirling; circulating
2) (anatomy) joint
3) tuft; plume (a cluster of feathers worn as an ornament, especially on a helmet)

könyv – book
író – writer
írni – to write
írás – writing; script
1) he/she/it is writing; he/she/it writes
2) Irish


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