búvalbaszott [ˈbuːvɑl bɑsotː] – sad; sorrowful; gloomy [slang]
[Literally::: fucked with sorrow]
búvalbélelt [ˈbuːvɑl beːlelt] – sad; sorrowful; gloomy
[Literally::: lined with sorrow]


búbánatos [ˈbuːbaːnɑtoʃ] – sad; sorrowful
bús [ˈbuːʃ] – sad; sorrowful
bánatos [ˈbaːnɑtoʃ] – sad; sorrowful
búskomor [ˈbuːʃkomor] – sad; sorrowful; melancholic
mélabús [ˈmeːlɑbuːʃ] – sad; sorrowful; gloomy
szomorú [ˈsomoruː] – sad; sorrowful; gloomy
– Miért vagy ma ilyen búvalbaszott? – Why are you so sad today?
[ˈbuː] – sorrow
bánat [ˈbaːnɑt] – sorrow
szomorúság [ˈsomoruːʃaːg] – sorrow
komor [ˈkomor] – gloomy; somber
baszni [ˈbɑsni] – to fuck; to have sex
bélelni [ˈbeːlelni] – to bush; to line; to fill something with something
[e.g.: Bárányszőrrel bélelt bakancs. – Boot lined with lamb fur.]

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