‘enyveskezű’ is one of the words used for a thief. Literally it means ‘somebody with sticky/gluey hand’.

enyv – size; glue
kéz – hand


enyves – gluey; adhesive; sticky
ragadós – gluey; adhesive; sticky; clingy
ragacsos – gluey; soggy; clammy
ragasztós – gluey
ragasztó – glue; sticker
ragacs – putty; goo; mastic; cement

tolvaj – thief
rabló – robber; thief
rabolni – to rob; to pillago
elrabolni – to steal; to kidnap
kirabolni – to plunder; to rob
kifosztani – to plunder; to rob
fosztogató – looter; pillager; plunderer; thief
betörő – burglar


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