– A torok kéményseprője (The throat’s chimney sweep)


The Hungarian candy was invented by the Italian confectioner Pietro Negro living and working in Hungary in the 1920s. (so no racist things involved, we love everyone)
It’s slogan is “The throat’s chimney sweep.”. On the candy’s wrapper there is a chimney sweep depicted while sweeping a chimney.
It gets its originally black colour from molasses its made from, and taste from menthol added. Its full recipe is an industrial secret. ~ wiki

° °

torok – throat
kéményseprő – chimney sweep
kémény – chimney
seprő – broom
söprő – broom (demotic; dialectical)
söprű – broom (demotic; dialectical)
seprű – broom (demotic; dialectical)

° ° °

Check out some folk-style commercial:::

– Csúszok haza, bébibogyó!
– Cool, az este ütközünk!


csúszni – to slip; to slide; to crawl
1) homeland
2) towards home
bébibogyó – baby-berry

este – evening
1) to bump against something; to collide; to clash
2) to coincide
3) to meet [slang]


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