a két kőkorszaki szaki

“In Hungary, the Flintstones’ dialogue was famously rewritten in prose by renowned playwright József Romhányi, who has made all of THE CHARACTERS SPEAK IN CONSTANT RHYMES.
Check out a sample of the cartoon here.

Most of the characters were also given new names that often also rhymed with each other (such as Frédi & Béni for Fred & Barney, and Vilma & Irma for Wilma & Betty), and even the Hungarian title had a rhyme in it (“Frédi és Béni, avagy a két kőkorszaki szaki”, or in English, “Fred and Benny, or the Two Stone-Age Mates”).
Due to the rhyming dialogue and various inserted puns and jokes, which Romhányi’s work was notorious for, the series became an astonishing success in the country, gaining cult status very fast, and it continues to influence many Hungarian cartoon dubs even to this day. Romhányi’s reasoning for this drastic reinterpretation was that he had felt that rhymes and word-plays would not only add a new layer of humor, but also help non-Americans audiences familiarize themselves with the American themes and jokes. One urban legend even claims that upon hearing of the show’s success in Hungary, the original creators attempted to rerecord the dialogue according to the Hungarian translation, however there are no known records to confirm this and it is likely just a rumor.
The series was given a modern Hungarian dub later on with a new voice cast, however the rhyming stayed — although there also exists another dubbed version for certain episodes, spin-offs, movies and specials, which was a faithful adaptation of the original dialogue and featured no rhyming.” – imdb
..the dubbing with no rhyming is not quite as good as the old one with rhymes..


a két kőkorszaki szaki – the two stone-age mates/masters
kőkorszak – stone-age
kő – stone
korszak – time; period; era
kor – age; time; period; era
1) part (of day, year)
2) department (of university)
3) profession

1) master; professional; specialist
2) cook; chef
3) workman’s mate; mate

szakember – master; professional; specialist
szakács – cook; chef

Kovakövi Frédi – Fred Flintstone
Kavicsi Béni – Barney Rubble
kovakő – flint (stone)
kavics – pebble; gravel

Kőkobaki úr – Mr. Slate
kőkobak – stone-head
kobak – pate; noddle; crumpet; head (humorous slang)


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