öregkoromban – when I will be old
[Literally::: in my old age]

kamaszkoromban – when I was a teenager
[Literally::: in my teen ages]

fiatalkoromban – when I was young
[Literally::: in my young age]


öregkor – old age
öreg – old (person, animal, living thing)
kor – age
koros – old
idős – old (person)
1) time
2) weather (also as ‘időjárás’)

régi – old (thing)
vén – old; very old (person)
agg – old; very old
aggastyán – old man; antediluvian
agglegény – old man without a wife or woman; old bachelor

kamaszkor – teen ages
kamasz – teenager; youngster; adolescent
tinédzser – teenager
tini – teenager
tizenéves – teenager
huszonéves – twenty-ager
serdülő – adolescent; adolescence
serdülőkor – teen-age
fiatalkor – young age
fiatal – young; youngster; youth
ifjú – young; youngster; youth
ifjonc – young; youngster; youth
siheder – young; youngster; youth


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