You’ve got to love Hungarian! :D #44

A szer-etet, (The love,)
a gyűl-ölet. (the hate.)
[Literally::: The love feeds, the hate puts to death.]


szeretet – love
gyűlölet – hate; hatred; loathing
utálat – hate; hatred; disgust; loathing
utál – he/she hates
gyűlöl – he/she hates
szeret – he/she loves; he/she likes

enni – to eat
(meg)etetni – to feed
megöletni – to put to death; to have somebody killed
ölni – to kill; to murder
gyilkolni – to kill; to murder
gyilkol –  he/she kills; he/she murders
öl – he/she kills; he/she murders
megölet – he/she has somebody killed
megetet – he/she feeds somebody
etet – he/she is feeding somebody
eszik – he/she eats; he/she is eating



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