Te tetted e tettetett tettet, te tettetett tettek tettese, te!
– You did this pretended act, you, doer of pretended acts, you!

The sentence is actually in eszperente (not esperanto).
Eszperente is a Hungarian language game, in which only the vowel e is allowed to use, but one must still speak CORRECT Hungarian. 😉


te – you
tenni – to do
tetted – you did
e; ez; eme – this
tettetett – pretended
tettetni – to pretend
tett – act
1) act (in accusative)
2) he/she/it pretends

tettek – acts
tettes – cuplrit; delinquent; offender; doer

° °

Hungarian dictionaries use the Third preson singular form of the verbs (e.g. tettet), because from them one can easily learn/deduce how the particular verb is conjugated. The verbs however are in the form “tettetni”, where “-ni” is the sign of “infinitive”.

So the verb tettetni (to pretend) is conjugated as:::
1. tettetek (I pretend)
2. tettetsz (you pretend)
3. tettet (he/she/it pretends)

1. tettetünk (we pretend)
2. tettettek (you pretend)
3. tettetnek (they pretend)

But, in the sentence in the picture “tettet” is not the third person singular form of the verb “tettetni”, but the accusative form of the word “tett”. Have fun with Hungarian! 😛


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