üzemanyagtöltő állomás

benzinkút – gas/petrol station; filling station
[Literally::: gasoline-well]

töltőállomás – gas/petrol station; filling station
[Literally::: filling station]

üzemanyagtöltő állomás – gas/petrol station; filling station
[Literally::: gas/fuel-filling station]


üzemanyag – fuel; gas; gasoline; propellant
üzemel – operates; is in operation; works
1) plant (factory or industrial facility)
2) functioning; operation
[e.g.: üzemen kívül – out of order (not functioning)]

1) material; matter; substance
2) (school) a unit of knowledge to be taught and learnt
3) drug [used in slang]

benzin – gasoline; petrol
kút – well
állomás – station
tölt – he/she/it pours/passes; it charges/loads
1) to pour
[e.g.: Töltök egy pohár vizet. ― I pour a glass of water.]
2) to charge (electrically)
[e.g.: Az akkumulátort gyakran kell tölteni. ― The accumulator needs to be charged often.]
3) (computing) to load
[e.g.: Sokáig tölt ez a program. ― It takes long for this program to load.]
4) to pass (time)
[Mivel töltöd a napjaidat? ― What do you pass your days with?]


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