léc – lath; rod; slat
1) air (also as “levegő”); atmosphere
2) air-; aerial; pneumatic (as “lég-“)

lék – hole; leak; spring (ship)
Lél – or Lehel was a Hungarian chieftain in the 10th century, one of the military leaders of prince Taksony of Hungary, the descendant of Árpád. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lehel

lény – being (living being); thing
1) spleen
2) honeycomb (-> lépesméz)
3) birdlime (adhesive substance used in trapping birds)
[e.g.: lépre csalni – to toll; to take in; to trick]
4) he/she takes a step (-> lépés – step)
5) he/she acts; he/she takes an action
[e.g.: Na, erre mit lépsz? – And now, what will you do? How will you react?]

lét – existence (-> létezés)


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