rendőrség – police
rend – order
1) guard, watchman, keeper
2) guardian, protector
a rend őre – the guard of the order
rendőr – policeman
[Literally::: the guard of the order; orderkeeper]
rendőrség – police

rendfenntartó – someone whose job is to take care of that the people will not make something against the order (he/she is not a police, nor a soldier, but something between)

1) tidy, neat
2) (of a person) decent, good, nice
[e.g.: Ez egy rendes ember. – He is a decent man.]
3) normal, usual

rendtelen – not in order; without an order
1) untidy, disorderly
2) (of a person) careless; negligent; sloppy
3) irregular

1) to misbehave; to be mischievous; to play up
2) to play up (to hurt, give one pain, trouble)
[e.g.: Már megint rendetlenkedik a szívem. – My heart is playing me up again.]

1) untidiness
2) litter
3) mess
[e.g.: Hogy merészeltek ilyen rendetlenséget csinálni, kis csibészek?! – How dare you make such a mess, you little devils? / How dare you make such a mess, you little devils?]

rendzavaró – disorderly
[Literally::: someone/something that is disturbing the order/quiet]
zavarni – to disturb; to molest; to bother

rendszerető – tidy; orderly
[Literally::: someone who loves the order]


1) gendarme (member of gendarmerie), especially a member of the police force which was active until 1945 in Hungary
[Literally::: the guard of the silent/quiet; silent/quietkeeper]
2) policeman (used in slang)

csendőrség – gendarmerie
1) silence; stillness; hush
[e.g.: Csend legyen! – Silence!]
[e.g.: Ahogy belépett, hirtelen csend ülte meg a szobát. – When he entered, a hush came over he room.]
2) quietness
3) calmness

csendélet – still life

° °

járőrözni – to patrol
1) patrol (person)
2) police car; patrol car

őrnagy – major
őrmester – sergeant
őrbódé – sentry-box
bódé – stand; stall (a very small building made of weak material often used as a shop)
testőr – bodyguard


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