Hungarian proverbs #42


Az egyik 19, a másik 1 híján 20.
(Az egyik tizenkilenc, a másik egy híján húsz.)

One is 19 and the other lacks 1 to be 20.

One is not different from the other.
They might want to act or look different, but they are just the same.


az egyik – one (of two or more); either; either of them
a másik – the other (the second, the other from two or more)
egy másik – another; some other
második – second
első – first

híján – it lacks something to be something; wanting; lacking for
híja – the lack of something
híjas – it’s lacking something; incomplete; deficient; imperfect
hiányos – incomplete; deficient; imperfect
1) lack; absence; deficiency; miss
2) shortage
3) break; gap

foghíjas – gappy; gap-toothed
[Literally::: lacking-tooth]


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