[ˈletydøːzni] – to inhale the cigarette (or other) smoke down into your lungs
[Literally::: to down-lung; to lung-it-down]
le- [ˈlɛ] – down (indicates actions with downward direction)
tüdő [ˈtydøː] – lung
leszívni [ˈlɛsiːvni] – to inhale (down)
beszívni [ˈbɛsiːvni] – to inhale
szívni [ˈsiːvni] – to suck
szív [ˈsiːv]
1) heart
2) he/she/it sucks; he/she/it is sucking
szivacs [ˈsivɑtʃ] – sponge
spongya [ˈʃponɟɑ] – sponge (archaic)
Hungarian is an agglutinative language. Agglutination permits formation of new words
from nouns, verbs, adjectives and modifiers and other suffix components. For example:::
sör [ˈʃør] – beer
sörözni [ˈʃørøzni] – to drink beer
sörözés [ˈʃørøzeːʃ] – beer-drinking
sörözgetés [ˈʃørøzgɛteːʃ] – beer-drinking once in a while
söröző [ˈʃørøzøː] – beer-drinking (person); buttery; brasserie

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