házi készítésű csípős paprikakrém

házi készítésű csípős paprikakrém – homemade hot spicy paprika sauce


It is is made from coarsely minced paprika, hot paprika, garlic and salt; containing nothing more perishable. When it is opened, it can be stored for a year in a refrigerator. We Hungarians use it for example in Lecsó, paprikás csirke and soups like halászlé (fisherman’s soup), gulyás or in any everyday soup giving them a hot paprika flavour. Check out my family’s recipe:::

Pulp/mince 2 kg red paprika, add 0,3 liter oil, 0,3 liter vinegar, 0,05 kg salt, 0,15 kg sugar, 1/2 bag of minced black pepper bag, 10-15 or less small chili peppers, 3-8 cloves of garlic, 3 bay leaves. Cook it on mild temperature for an hour, then add 4 small cans of tomato purée and cook the mixture for 20 more minutes.
When it is done, pour the sauce into small jars/bottles, close them, place them into a large pot with water, place a wet tea-cloth on the top of them and cook them for 5-12 minutes… or use your own method of potting.



házi készítésű – homemade
erős – powerful; intense; strong
csípős – hot (spicy)
1) to pinch
2) to sting (bee, nettle); bite (mosquito); peck (bird)
3) to nip; cut (wind); burn (spice)
4) to like (used in slang)
[e.g.: Csípem őt! – I like her!]

paprikakrém – paprika paste; paprika sauce
krém – paste; cream
szósz; öntet; mártás – sauce
fűszer – spice; sauce

megőrölni – to pulp
feldarálni – to mince
olaj – oil
ecet – vinegar
– salt
cukor – sugar
bors – black pepper
fokhagyma – garlic
gerezd; cikk – clove; slice
babérlevél – bay leaf
paradicsompüré – tomato purée
edénytörlő – tea-cloth
befőzés – potting; canning


° °

The famous hot spicy Hungarian paprika paste is called Erős Pista (Strong Steve).


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