As the ancient Hungarian proverb says:::
“A múltból a parazsat kell elhozni, a hamut (meg) otthagyni.”
“From the past the ember should be taken, and the ashes left behind.”

The writing on the image is the Old Hungarian script (Székely-magyar rovásírás), which used the writing from right-to-left.

Image made by and via Ancient Hungary​.


múlt [mˈuːlt] – past
parázs [pˈɑraːʒ] – ember
kell [kˈɛll] – should; must; have to; have got to
elhozni [ˈɛlhozni] – to take (from); to bring off; to bring away/along
hamu [hˈɑmu] – ash; cinder
meg [mˈɛɡ] – and
otthagyni [ˈotːhɑɟni] – to leave behind; to leave there; to abandon; to quit


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