Kívül tágasabb!

Kívül tágasabb!
[kˈiːvyl tˈaːɡɑʃɑbː]

Outside is more spacious! | It is more spacious outdoors!

I want you to leave! | You should leave (now)! | Get out!


kível [kˈiːvel] – outside; outdoors (dialectical)
kívül [kˈiːvyl]
1) outside; outdoors
2) without; beside; apart from

legtágasabb [lˈɛɡtˈaːɡɑʃɑbː] – most spacious; most roomy
tágasabb [tˈaːɡɑʃɑbː] – more spacious; more roomy
tágas [tˈaːɡɑʃ] – spacious; roomy; ample; airy
tág [tˈaːɡ]
1) wide; slack; loose; broad
2) spacious; roomy; capacious; ample; airy


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