(Literally::: has been seen by a bird) 

A thing is ‘madárlátta’ if you bring it with yourself to a journey, to work, to school or anywhere away from your house and at the end of the journey, after work/school you take it back home. ‘Madárlátta’ literally means that the particular thing ‘has been seen by a bird’: A madár látta. – The bird has seen it.
It’s a very old word. The people working on the fields and meadows used to take some food with themselves to work and because they and their food had been seen by a bird from above, this word was born. When the worker or farmer came back home at the end of the day he said: “Hoztam madárláttát.” (I brought some madárlátta.).

Usually the children liked the madárlátta food better than the one they could find at home… because that has been seen by a bird (azt a madár látta)!


madár [ˈmɑdaːr] – bird
látni [ˈlaːtni] – to see
lát [ˈlaːt] – he/she/it sees
látott [ˈlaːtotː] (valamit) – he/she/it saw (something); he/she/it has seen (something) 
látta [ˈlaːtːɑ] (azt) – he/she/it saw (that); he/she/it has seen (that) 


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