A marslakók

The Nobel Prize winning Italian physicist, Enrico Fermi, was once asked whether he believes in the existence of extra-terrestrial beings. He answered:

“Of course, they are already here among us: they just call themselves Hungarians.”
At that time Fermi worked with such unearthly intelligent people as Leó Szilárd, Tódor Kármán, János Neumann, Pál Halmos, Jenő Wigner, Ede Teller, György Pólya and Pál Erdős. And originally it was Szilárd, who answered Fermi’s question “…the extra-terrestrials should have arrived here by now, so where are they?” Szilárd jokingly suggested that Hungary was a front for aliens from Mars and the group of prominent scientists was then named “The Martians”.

Read some more about it herehere, herehere or in Hungarian here.



földönkívüli [fˈøldønkiːvyli] – extra-terrestrial
marslakó [mˈɑrʃlɑkoː] – martian


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