rakott krumpli

rakott krumpli – potato casserole (with homemade sausage)
[Literally::: layered potato]

In my family’s recipe we just slice the potatoes, eggs and sausage and start putting them one on the other, so start layering them. A layer of potato slices, then a layer of sausage slices and egg slices, pour some black pepper and salt, then repeat. We make 2 or 3 of these two layers and the top layer has only potatoes, then put some butter and pour sour cream (or milk) on it. Cook it cca for an hour (don’t know at how many degrees, we have an older oven :D). Then eat it with or without sour cream. 🙂


rakott [rˈɑkotː] – put; set; placed
rakni [rˈɑkni] – to put; to set; to place
egymásra rakni [ˈɛɟmaːʃra rˈɑkni] – to put one on the top of the other; to layer

krumpli [krˈumpli] – potato
tojás [tˈojaːʃ] – egg
kolbász [kˈolbaːs] – sausage
vaj [vˈɑj] – butter
tejföl [tˈɛjføl] – sour cream
tejfel [tˈɛjfel] – sour cream (dialectical)
tej [tˈɛj] – milk


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