Slang expressions #24

Porzik a vesém.
[pˈoːrzik ˈɑː vˈɛʃeːm]

My kidney is dusting.

I’m thirsty! I need to drink something.
(If somebody says it in a bar, pub, tavern or within a group of friends, the person wants to drink some alcohol, otherwise it can be any drink.)


porozni; porzani – to dust; to make dust; to blow dust
por [pˈoːr] – dust; powder
vese [vˈɛʃɛ] – kidney

Szomjas vagyok! [sˈomjɑʃ vˈɑɟok] – I’m thirsty.
szomjas [sˈomjɑʃ] – thirsty
kitikkadt [kˈitikːɑtː] – thirsty
Kitikkadtam! [kˈitikːɑtːɑm] – I got thirsty.; I’m thirsty.
Megszomjaztam! [mˈɛɡsˈomjɑztɑm] – I got thirsty.


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