Sült hurka

Sült húsos hurka
[ˈʃylt ˈhuːʃoʃ ˈhurkɑ]

Hurka is a boiled sausage that come in two main types “májas” (liver sausage) and “véres” (blood sausage), and also can be “húsos” (meat sausage).

When a pig is slaughtered one of the meals that are then prepared is hurka. You take the natural hog casing and fill it with ground liver and rice, or blood and rice, or meat and rice. Add spices, black pepper and salt. You can also add pepper, chopped garlic and some other things like pork tongue, pork heart, and cook it for like an hour. But for more precise recipe use Google. 🙂

Hurka tastes the best when roasted. 😉


sült [ˈʃylt] – roasted; fried; baked
májas [ˈmaːjɑʃ] – with liver (food)
véres [ˈveːreʃ] – with blood (food); bloody
húsos [ˈhuːʃoʃ] – with meat (food); fat (person)

máj [ˈmaːj] – liver
vér [ˈveːr] – blood
hús [ˈhuːʃ] – meat; flesh
rizs [ˈriʒ] – rice
bors [ˈborʃ] – black pepper
[ˈʃoː] – salt
paprika [ˈpɑprikɑ] – paprika; pepper
fokhagyma [ˈfokhɑɟmɑ] – garlic
nyelv [ˈɲɛlv] – tongue; language
szív [ˈsiːv] – heart
őrölt [ˈøːrølt] – ground; milled


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