róka [ˈroːka] – fox
rókázni [ˈroːkaːzni] – to vomit (slang)
[Literally::: to fox]
The expression is said to have been part of our language for centuries and comes from the expressions “rókát szaggatni” (to jag a fox) and “rókát nyúzni” (to skin a fox), both used to express the act of vomiting.
In the poem “Sokféle részögösről” (Of many drunkards) written in 1548 by the Hungarian epic poet, Sebestyén Tinódi Lantos you can read:::
“Tíz-nyolcadik az jó borban mindaddég iszik,
Rókát szaggat, száját törli, ű esmég iszik.”
“The eighteenth is drinking the good wine as long as,
he vomits, cleans his mouth, and he is still drinking.”
Hungarian is an agglutinative language. Agglutination permits formation of new wordsfrom nouns, verbs, adjectives and modifiers and other suffix components. E.g.:
sör [ˈʃør] – beer
sörözni [ˈʃørøzni] – to drink beer
nyár [ˈɲaːr] – summer
nyaralni [ˈɲɑrɑlni] – to be on summer vacation
kutya [ˈkucɑ] – dog
kutyázni [ˈkucaːzni] – to play with a dog

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