You’ve got to love Hungarian! :D #50

[ˈpokolgeːp] – bomb
[Literally::: hell-machine]

[ˈmyːɑɲɑɡ] – plastic
[Literally::: artificial-matter]

[ˈɑlɑguːt] – tunnel
[Literally::: under-road | lower road]

[ˈvisshɑnɡ] – echo
[Literally::: back-sound]


bomba [ˈbombɑ] – bomb
robbanóanyag [ˈrobːɑnoːɑɲɑɡ] – bomb; explosive
robbanószer [ˈrobːɑnoːser] – bomb; explosive
robbanó szerkezet [ˈrobːɑnoː ˈserkɛzɛt] – bomb; explosive
pokol [ˈpokol] – hell
gép [ˈgeːp] – machine
1) artificial
2) art work

anyag [ˈɑɲɑɡ]
1) material; matter; substance
2) (school) a unit of knowledge to be taught and learnt
3) drug [used in slang]

alsó [ˈɑlʃoː] – bottom; lower; low; under
alatt [ˈɑlɑtː] – under; below; underneath
út [ˈuːt] – way; road; path
visszaverődő hang [ˈvissɑvɛrøːdøː ˈhɑnɡ] – reverberating sound
visszatérő hang [ˈvissɑteːrøː ˈhɑnɡ] – returning sound
vissza [ˈvissɑ] – back; backwards
hang [ˈhɑnɡ] – sound; voice


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