Hungarian vs. Khanty #2

szem [ˈsem] – сэм [ˈsem] – eye (Vakh dialect)
szem [ˈsem] – сэм [ˈsem] – eye (Shuryshkar dialect)

ujj [ˈujj] – лӫй [ˈløːj] – finger (Vakh dialect)
ujj [ˈujj] – ӆуй [ˈɬuj] – finger (Shuryshkar dialect)

zaj; zörej [ˈzɑj / ˈzørɛj] – сӫй [ˈsøːj]  – noise (Vakh dialect)
zaj [ˈzɑj] – сый [ˈsɨj] – noise (Shuryshkar dialect)

hal [ˈhɑl] – қул [ˈkuːl] – fish (Vakh dialect)
hal [ˈhɑl] – хуӆ [ˈkhuɬ] – fish (Shuryshkar dialect)

tél [ˈteːl] – тӛӆ [ˈteːɬ] – winter (Vakh dialect)
tél [ˈteːl] – таӆ [ˈtɑɬ] – winter (Shuryshkar dialect)

(Hungarian – Khanty – English)

Thanks for the help, Vitaliy S.! 🙂


Check out the comparison of numbers here.


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