bor – wine

“According to the Hungarian professor and writer Dr. Róbert Gyula Cey-Bert the Hungarian word bor has its origins stemming back to the Huns. He reckons that the first written Hungarian words were the combinations of the words Tengri meaning sky God or Heaven and wine, Bor-Tengri.

It was first mentioned in the Chinese chronicles according to Jean-Paul Roux: La religion des Turcs et des Mongoles where it was described that a mountain, itself called Bor Tengri, was the place where they did sacrifices to God & Heaven and wine was an important element in the ceremony. Wine was highly respected by the Huns as a method of connectivity to God.

Bor-Tengri was not only the place to worship the God of the Heavens but also “Re-birth”, as the Chinese chronicles states and analyzing further, the term is not only referring to the mountain but also in worship of God’s transformation of the sky – the cycle of dawn and dusk. It could also describe the transformation of grapes into the noble drink – wine.”

Read some more about Bor-Tengri here.


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