“tüzesen süt le a nyári nap sugára”

“tüzesen süt le a téli nap sugára”

(the Winter sun’s rays are beaming down so hot as fire)

The original line says “tüzesen süt le a nyári nap sugára” and it is the first line of the Hungarian epic poem János vitéz (John the vailant) written by Sándor Petőfi in the 19th century, but the weather we have in this late December day made me change it.

nyár [ˈɲaːr] – summer
nyári (nap) [ˈɲaːri] – summer (day)
tél [ˈteːl] – winter
téli (idő) [ˈteːli] – winter (weather)
nap [ˈnɑp]
1) sun
2) day

sugár [ˈʃuɡaːr]
1) ray; beam (of light or radiation)
2) jet; spurt; stream (of liquid)
3) radius

tüzesen [ˈtyzɛʃɛn] – spiritedly; impetuously; spiritfully
tűz [ˈtyːz]
1) fire [as a noun]
2) he/she/it pins; stitches (fastens with a pin or stitch) [as a verb]
3) he/she/it fixes; sticks [as a verb]
4) he/she/it shines; blazes; glares (sun) [as a verb]

tűzni [ˈtyːzni]
1) to pin; to stitch (to fasten with a pin or stitch) [as a verb]
2) to fix; to stick [as a verb]
3) to shine; blaze; glare (sun) [as a verb]


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