No new posts until February 18

Hey everyone! Because of some university related activities I decided to limit my Daily magyar life and post almost nothing new until February 18. But when I come back, I’ll have some surprise for you. 😉

When in need, browse the 790 posts of my blog, most of which you probably haven’t seen yet.



  1. I enjoy these emails so much. I can go back and do a lot of review. Looking forward to he new stuff, too.

      1. That’s also true. I really admire you. Your contribution to Hungarian language learning is already ready for publishing. It would be a thick book! 😊

  2. Well, I haven’t said it to anyone yet, but I’m planning to release a Daily Hungarian Book this spring. 🙂 But only in digital formats, because printing it and making it an official publication would require a lot of money and judicial stuff.

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