1848. március 15.


The Hungarian Revolution and War of Independece of 1848/49 started on the 15th of March in 1848. Nowadays it is a national holiday, celebrated all across the country every year with interesting programs and commemoration venues in every major and minor city in Hungary.
This holiday is also commemorated in the Slovakian, Romanian, Serbian and Ukrainian cities, where Hungarians live… but it’s not a public holiday, so we must go to work… and celebrate after.

forradalom – revolution
szabadságharc [ˈsɑbɑdʃːaːɡhɑrts] – war of independence
szabadság [ˈsɑbɑdʃːaːɡ] – liberty; freedom
szabad  [ˈsɑbɑd]
1) free; open; vacant; unoccupied
2) allowed

harc [ˈhɑrts] – battle; fight
nemzeti – national; vernacular
nemzet – nation
dal – song
vértanú [ˈveːrtɑnuː] – martyr
vér [ˈveːr] – blood
tanú [ˈtɑnuː] – witness

“Esküszünk, hogy rabok tovább
nem leszünk!”

Az 1848/49-es forradalom és szabadságharc The Hungarian Revolution of 1848/49.

Nemzeti dalNational Song

Mit kíván a magyar nemzet. (12 pont) – What the Hungarian nation wants. (12 points).

Az aradi vértanúkThe 13 Martyrs of Arad.


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