There is a lot of sprinkling poems, but this one is the traditional one, that everyone knows. 🙂

locsolóvers [ˈlotʃoloːvɛrʃ] – sprinkling poem
locsoló [ˈlotʃoloː] – sprinkler (boy)
locsolni [ˈlotʃolni] – to sprinkle

húsvéthétfő [ˈhuːʃveːt heːtføː] – Easter Monday
hímes tojás [ˈhiːmeʃtojaːʃ] – decorated Hungarian Easter egg


On Easter Monday the girls must be sprinkled, because they are flowers, and as those, they need water to stay fresh, healthy and beautiful. 🙂
So the boys come to the girl’s house and the girl opens the door. The boy has to recite a sprinkle-poem (locsolóvers) ending with the question “Szabad-e locsolni? (May I sprinkle?)”, in order to ask for permission from the girl that he can sprinkle her. If the girl likes the poem, she says “Szabad (locsolni).” (you may sprinkle) and then the boy sprinkles her with a glass of water, bucket of water, perfume or anything.

After that the girl may or may not kiss the boy on his face and gives the boy a decorated-egg (hímes tojás), chocolate or nowadays also money. Then the girl invites the boy into their house and offers him food, cakes and something to drink. The boy stays there for a while and then leaves to visit an other girl. 🙂

You can read more about the Hungarian Easter traditions herehere and here.


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