A kürtőskalács egy nagy lyuk, tésztával körültekerve. – The chimney cake is a big hole wrapped in pastry. 😛

More chimney cakes at Rita’s Hungarian Delicacy. You can taste them on the Braye Road in St. Sampson on Guernsey island in the English Channel (the La Manche). Feel free to take a visit! 😀 🙂


kürtőskalács [ˈkyrtøːʃkɑlaːtʃ]
kürtő [ˈkyrtøː] – flue; duct; stack; chimney-stack
kalács [ˈkɑlaːtʃ] – nut roll; brioche; sweet bread
lyuk [ˈjuk] – hole
tészta [ˈteːstɑ] – pastry; dough; paste
körül [ˈkøryl] – around; about
kémény [ˈkeːmeːɲ] – chimney


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