[ˈkeːpzøːmyːveːsɛt] – graphic arts; visual arts; fine arts
[Literally::: composing/forming art]

kép [ˈkeːp] – picture; image
képző; képező [ˈkeːpzøː] – composing; forming; formative
képezni [ˈkeːpezni]
1) to instruct; to train; to teach
2) to form; to compose
3) (grammar) formművészet [ˈmyːveːsɛt] – art
művész [ˈmyːveːs] – artist
művészi [ˈmyːveːsi] – artistic
1) artificial
2) work (generally)
3) opus; work (a piece of artwork of a particular artist or craftsman)

rajz – drawing (noun)
rajzolás – drawing
rajzolni – to draw

Landscape drawn by linkingabo.


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