Molnárkalács [ˈmolnaːrkɑlaːtʃ]

molnár – miller
kalács – sweet bread; brioche
sütő – fryer; oven

For baking this Hungarian kalács you need a special Molnárkalács sütő. Here is a recipe for Molnárkalács:::

1 kg flour
1 liter milk
1 vanilla sugar (usually it’s in a 10 g package)
1 egg
very little salt
a little bit more sugar (if needed)
a little oil or butter

Mix these ingrediences as if you were doing Hungarian pancakes. Beat the eggs with some oil, add vanilla sugar and sugar. When it’s beaten enough, add the flour and milk by turns. Some flour, some milk, some flour, some milk, until you have added all. Mix all these together until you have it smooth. Heat up the molnárkalács sütő, grease its inside with a piece of bacon each time. Pour some of the mixture, close the sütő. Wait until it finishes the screaming, turn the sütő, wait a little bit, then open and take out the molnárkalács. 🙂

Alternative link
for the video.


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