Hungarian proverbs #45

Nem hajt a tatár! [ˈnɛm hɑjt ɑ tɑtaːr] 

The Tartars are not herding us. | The Tartars are not behind us.

There is no need to hurry!

We use this proverb when somebody is rushing us to do something quickly, or we see that somebody is about to do something quickly, but we know, that there’s no need to make it fast, because it might will not be done very well, or that there is really no rush to do it at the moment. By Tatars in this proverb we do not mean the Mongol tribe, but the medieval Turkic people’s cruel warriors. When they came, you’d better run away. ~


tatár [ˈtɑtaːr] – Tartar
tatárjárás [ˈtɑtaːrjaːraːʃ] – he Mongol invasion of Hungary and Eastern Europe in the 13th centur


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